Classes for your aspiring actor

5:00-6:00Musical Theater Jr. class
6:00-7:00Rehearsal for play (TBA)
6:00-7:00Improv (ages 5-13)
7:00–8:00Jr. Troupe Class 1st and 3rd weeks of the month
7:00–8:00Improv (ages 14+)
6:30-7:30Musical Theater Sr. Class
7:30-8:30Rehearsal All Shook Up (Studio 2)
10:00-11:00Musical Theater (ages 3-6)
4:00-5:00Jazz/Ballet (ages 3-7)
5:00-6:00Jazz/Ballet (ages 7-13)
5:00-6:00Acting Class (ages 7+)
6:00-7:00Teen Voice
Time TBARehearsals for All Shook Up as Needed
once a monthFun Friday
6:00-7:30Studio Master Class every 4th Friday of the month
9:00-10:00Meditative Yoga
11:00-12:00Musical Theater Class (all ages)
4:30-5:30Senior Troupe Class
5:30-6:30Rehearsal All Shook Up

Class requirements:
We ask that you commit to a semester of class. We allow monthly payments but you will need to "subscribe" to a 4 month semester.
A class must have 6 registrants or more for instructors to proceed with a class.
In order for your child to be included in shows or recitals they need to attend at least 80% of the classes they are signed up for.

Junior Musical Theater Class (ages 4-12)
About the Class- Children ages 4-12 will focus on age appropriate dance and song. This class will teach kids the three main elements of musical theater: music, dance and acting. They will then learn to do all three at once! Musical theater groups are also a great bonding experience as the kids learn to work together backstage and onstage.This class will also teach back stage etiquette and stage performance. Water and dance clothing will be needed. If your child is interested in auditioning for a show, they must be enrolled in this class and have attended 3 classes before they audition.

Senior Musical Theater Class (ages 13+)
About the Class- Teens and adults will focus on dance and song. This class will teach the three main elements of musical theater: music, dance and acting. Musical theater groups are also a great bonding experience as the people learn to work together backstage and onstage. This class will also teach back stage etiquette and stage performance. Water and dance clothing will be needed. This class is considered a varsity class and will teach dedication and theater bonding. These students may also be asked to assist with other students and classes to provide leadership responsibilities. These students are also required to maintain vocal lessons.

Studio Vocal Master Class (ages 8-18)
About the Class- Led by a Vocal Coach, students will perform selected songs then learn to receive and give professional constructive criticism. This will allow a place for vocal students to perform and gather repertoire as well as give audition experience.

Teen Voice (ages 9-18)
About the Class- Singing is really fun! Still confused on how to read the music? "Lets start at the very beginning", it’s a very good place to start I hear! This class will teach kids the basics of singing and reading music. This class will familiarize students with sulfage, the staff and basic music theory. Lets get this class singing,"with the sound of music”!

Improvisation Class (ages 10-18)
About the Class- Forgetting a line in a song or monologue is scary! This class will provide a fun and un-intimidating way to get those creative juices flowing when off script! This class will also teach actors how to build a character and remain in character while on stage. You may need to bring a tissue box to this class. This class is guaranteed to bring tears of laughter to your eyes. Stage confidence and etiquette is also taught in this class.

Meditative Yoga Class (ages 10+)
About the Class- Life is fast and stressful. This restorative yoga class will focus on quieting your mind, relieving physical aches and soothing your soul. This class is focused on teaching breathing techniques that strengthen your diaphragm. Start your weekend with a nice relaxing meditation, recollect yourself from the stresses of the week and strengthen your diaphragm. Let’s Relax!

Private Voice and Master Classes with Ashley Meade. Ashley teaches classical and musical theater voices. Sign up for lessons with Ashley at Feel free to contact her at 254-366-0765 or email her at

Private voice, piano, trumpet, bass and acting classes are scheduled through individual instructors. Please email to get scheduled.

1 Class Per Week
for 4 month semester
2 Classes Per Week
for 4 month semester
3 Classes Per Week
for 4 month semester

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Dance Class

We offer classes in Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Hip Hop Dance.

Instructors: Sherry Bettersworth, Dyllan Berwald

Ballet/Tap description

Students will learn basic ballet and tap technique in a fun and nurturing environment.
Outfit: dancewear, ballet and tap shoes required.

Musical Theater Classes

We require you to attend 3 weeks of class before you can audition for a show. Once roles are cast, all classes meet as a group and the script will be reviewed as well as dates and times as to when individuals will be required to attend rehearsals. Our tech weeks are "all hands on deck" and require everyone in the show to be available every evening of tech week for rehearsals. Usually run from 5:30-8:30PM.

Group Voice Lessons

Music is good for the brain and feeds the soul. If you like to sing and want to improve your voice, come join a basic singing class with Carrie de Lemos. Carrie is operatically trained and has a degree in Vocal Performance from Texas State University. She has taught voice for over 15 years. In this 45 minute group singing class, learn singing foundations like breathing and breath control, diction, articulation, projection, and how to connect emotionally to a song.