Deadly Deal Murder Mystery @ The Faust Hotel Ballroom


Includes dinner, open bar and the interactive murder mystery show.

Ages 15+ are welcome. No one under age 15 is allowed. No exceptions.


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Charles Lansing, a staid and humorless millionaire, has been found murdered at his country estate and Lt. Paris is in charge of the investigation. Alibis are re-enacted by the suspects, including the third wife married to Lansing for less than a year; the brooding stepchildren; the deceased’s attorney, a woman opposed to his latest marriage and the changes in his will; Madame Arcadia, who predicted his death; and the handyman and his wife, who wish to leave their jobs. Everyone had motive and opportunity. At the end of Act I, Lt. Paris leads the audience in a relaxed question and answer session with the seven suspects. During intermission, the audience can cast their ballots.