Hip Hop (ages 12 and under)

$45.00 / month

Enjoy the challenge and creativity through Hip Hop with Dyllan.

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Dyllan Berwald

Hip Hop Dance Instructor

Dyllan Berwald was born in Jacksonville, Florida, and learned to dance through a combination of self-teaching and classes. He began competing in hip-hop competitions at the age of 13. At 16, he won his first two World of Dance all styles 2v2 competitions, while attending Judson High School and choregraphing various hip-hop numbers for the Satellite and Galaxy dance team. At age 17, he joined Dorothy Keck as an assistant to Duane Roberts, director of their hip-hop department, where after a year and a half of mentorship, Dyllan started teaching his own classes. During his time as an assistant, Dyllan competed in upper division competitions within World of Dance, Monsters of Hip – Hop, Urban Dance Camp, and Movement Lifestyle. He toured with Austin Mahone in 2014 and Becky G’s Texas tour in 2015. Dyllan strives to challenge others with the same passion and commitment that has brought him success.