Hello NBPA Family!

I hope you all are continuing to be safe and healthy. NBPA is opening the studio back up September 8th for our fall classes and show season. We are excited to get back to teaching with some exciting new staff members joining our teachers who are returning for another season. We have missed seeing everyone. Because of COVID-19 we want to do our best to protect our teachers as well as our students so we have some new rules that will be in effect September 8. We will continue to update rules as they will hopefully ease up in the future. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call me @ 210-241-9720. Your child’s safety as well as the safety of all our students is very important to us. We know masks can be a very controversial issue but there are acceptable options for example, visors, I have several and they are a great option. We also must abide by the guidelines of Comal County. I will list some of the options under masks.

While I love and miss seeing all the families, reducing the risk of exposure to as few people as possible is paramount. If a parent would like to have a tour of the studio I will be taking parents for tours, masks on, a few at a time before, during or after class. I respect your wish to make sure this is a safe environment for your child so we will have volunteers stationed for walk thru’s. If volunteers are working on costumes, props, or sets we will have designated areas in separate rooms for those activities and will be totally separate from the class. No sitting areas will be provided for parents and siblings to wait on their children. In our set room no children under 14 will be allowed as there are building materials that may be unsafe for them to be around. This space is totally separate from our class area.

We will mark x’s on the floor so we can have students 6 feet apart from each other for most of our class activities. Our teachers will also have on masks or visors during class. The rule is that they must either have masks or an alternative protective gear on or they are 6 feet apart. We want to start out being as cautious as we can so most of the class we will ask that students keep their masks on unless we are singing which we have some options covered under masks. Again, these rules can change as we all get used to our new rules. We want to be successful so we will make sure students adhere to these rules. We will ensure that our instructors respect the student’s space and ask that you talk with your child to do the same in return for our instructors. I know its going to be difficult not to hug since we are all so excited to see each other let’s do the elbow bump if anything right now.

3. Masks, Visors, or Bandanas ARE REQUIRED WHEN NOT SINGING.
This is a really tricky area. When singing we will permit students to remove masks and they will be on their x’s which are 6 foot apart. If you do not want them to remove it’s ok with us, just let us know so we can make sure they don’t. There are also singing masks you can order which makes the flow of the sound not sound muffled. You can order them on broadwayrelief.com or there may be other sites that have them. I have ordered a few for my instructors and children but have not received them as of yet, so I personally have not used them yet. There are several YouTube videos of them being used in vocal classes and they seem to work well. Visors are another great option, I have several and they allow you to see facial expressions and do not muffle sound, my instructors may use them in some parts of the class when teaching.

4. Sanitizing
We will require all students to sanitize hands before entering class space. We will have instructors at the door greeting students and providing hand sanitizer at the entrance or students may use the sink in the bathroom to sanitize. We are asking each student to wash their hands before and after class. We will also be doing sanitizing of all the props and restrooms and studio between each class. This will allow us to start with a clean slate for each new class each day.

5. Temperature Checks and Health Questionnaire
In order to be proactive in the spread of COVID-19 we will be doing temperature check along with a short health questionnaire before allowing the students to enter the studio. If your child is not feeling well, do not bring them to class. A temperature of 100F or over is considered a fever.

Student Health Questions will include the following:
Have you been fever-free without the use of fever reducing medications for the last 72 hours?
Have you had any unusual respiratory distress, loss of taste or smell, or difficulty breathing in the last 72 hours?

Have you been in physical contact with anyone with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 in the past 14 days?

We ask that parents or the person dropping off the child assist us in this questionnaire unless your child is driving themselves to class.

6. Student release procedures
We will bring students out to you at the end of class. Please arrive at the door to the studio and we will bring your child out to be picked up. We want to ensure your child’s safety so please do not ask them to walk out the door alone. If you would like them to come out to you they must ask an instructor or volunteer to walk them to you.

7. No Food or Drink allowed in studio except water in labeled bottle!
To make sure we are keeping our studio clean and safe we are asking that you do not bring food into the studio. We would like all water containers to be labeled. We will have markers available for students to use. We will also have a table set up in our kitchen area where students will have a separate labeled space for their water. We also have a water dispenser with dixie cups for students to get water during class. We also are working on our outside patio area as an eating area for students who may need a space to eat if they have a long rehearsal after class. We are also designating eating areas for our instructors as well. In a hour long class students should not need food so we will not be allowing snack break. We will have water breaks during class.

PAYMENT and Questions
In order to be able to take payments and answer questions we will have a representative of NBPA at the door before each class to receive students, answer questions and take payments. This will help the flow of students in and out of the studio. This will help reduce class disruptions.

There is a huge parking area on the side of our studio. Most of the business are closed during our classes so there should not be any issue for any of you finding a parking space. If there is an issue please let me know so I can address it.

Limited Class Size
Due to our new situation we are limiting class size so we can easily follow the 6-foot rule. We have 2 studios as well as 2 private studios, offices, prop room, costume room, and set warehouse. We are also moving forward this season with small cast shows. In order to give more opportunity we will be doing more shows to accommodate our students.

Student Rehearsals for Shows
When placing students in shows or auditioning to be in shows we will address show requirements with the student and parents. We know that when we begin moving toward performing shows decisions need to be made as to what the rules are at the time of the event and how the people involved feel about performing. There are so many options I feel we can provide a great performance even while wearing masks as we will build them in the costume while other shows may not use masks due to the nature of the performer and distancing. We will meet with interested students and address these issues at the time of show auditions or placement. We have shows beginning in October so we will be reaching out to the students in our classes next week.

Due to COVID-19 we will not be sharing costumes without sanitizing them which will not happen on the same day or event. They will need to be properly cleaned and sanitized. We have shared costumes in the past for shows but do not feel comfortable doing that right now. We will also make sure props are cleaned between use as well to protect our students and instructors.

These are our current COVID-19 precaution procedures in returning to the in-person studio space. We know at this time things change daily so we will make sure if any changes are made we will notify all parents and students. Please feel free to give us your Thoughts? Ideas? Concerns? We are open to the conversation. Thank you so much for trusting us. We cannot wait for the day that we can issue out hugs again. Until then we will push thru and do what we can to open so we can see our wonderful students as we have really missed all of you!

Sherry Bettersworth
Artistic Director
New Braunfels Performing Arts
phone 210-241-9720